Glaze Lemon & Strawberry Mini Cake Order Form

Glaze Lemon & Strawberry Mini Cake

Dome-shaped petit gateau of fresh lemon mousse and a center of fresh wild strawberry coulis draped in velvety yellow glaze and decorated with chocolate stripes. Each petit gateau is carefully placing on a gold cake board for easy handling and quick service.

(Non-Halal Food)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Carton x 12 Pieces

Product code: Glaze 3

Price: S$49.

1 Piece price is approximate: S$4.09

Request for Candles
When Requested By Customers, We Will Provide The Candles. Please Indicate @ Online Order Form the number of small as well as big candles you needed. We will proceed the cake order according to the online order form.

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