Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)?

Question: Do I get a Free Delivery Service on my order?

Answer: You will get a free delivery service for your order for most of the Singapore Residential Address.
There will be an additional fee for delivery address in CBD Area, Sentosa Island, and Jurong Island.

  • Our delivery service only starts after 10.30am daily.
  • Our Delivery Dates: Monday to Saturday.
  • No Delivery for Sunday and Public Holiday.

Question: Is Design included?

Answer: NO CHARGES IMPOSE for Simple Design which is primarily wording. Example: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, etc...

Question: When can I receive my order?

Answer: All orders require 3 days notice in advance.

Question: How to place an order?

Answer: You can place an order by filling up the order form on our Cakes Menu.

Question: Are there any additional charges?

Answer: All prices shown on our Cakes Menu are the net price and included free delivery service for most of the residential address in Singapore.

*Additional Charges:
*Additional $4 surcharge for delivery to CBD Area.
*Additional $9 surcharge for delivery to Sentosa Island.
*Additional $12 surcharge for delivery to Jurong Island.

Question: How to make payment?

Answer: Our payment methods, bank transfer, and cash deposit.